Reader Series: Bruce Lemmert Reads The Not Yet

“What are you, one of them, a Bonesnake?” she asked from the stage.
I was about to say, “I am Malcolm, a Not-Yet, one day I’ll–“
But just at that moment, another fate rose up and sang to me.

Set in the year 2121 in the Islands of New Orleans, The Not Yet by Moira Crone follows Malcolm de Lazarus, a “Not -Yet,” who has worked his whole life to become an “Heir.” The book follows Malcolm as he searches for his missing fortune, which would allow him to move up in the social hierarchy of the world that Crone has created.


Bruce Lemmert, a film and english student, stated: “I really enjoy how this book takes a familiar place like New Orleans and just flips it upside down.” Indeed, many New Orleanians will feel connected to this book as they recognize local names and cities in an entirely new structure.


To get your own copy of The Not Yet, click here.


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