Reader Series: Kayla Fletcher reads Each Vagabond By Name

“It was an extraordinary fall until the gypsies came…”

It’s fall in New Orleans and even though the leaves aren’t turning and the temperature hasn’t dropped below eighty degrees, we’re thinking about Margo Littell’s Each Vagabond By Name. Set in a rural Pennsylvania mining town, Littell’s debut novel inhabits the spirit of fall: things are changing–and the townspeople are not sure it’s for the best.


Kayla, an English and Film student, said, “this book is beautiful in many ways, and I’m finding myself relating to it more than I thought I would.” When asked what her favorite quote would be, Kayla took some time to carefully pick. Finally, she landed on this gem from page 99:

“She had a good reason to think the universe was against her without knowing anything of the universe at all.”

“Margo Orlando Littel packs Each Vagabond By Name with many passages, like this one, that really jump out at you and make you feel something,” Kayla states. “This book is definitely a book you’ll want to pick up and enjoy.”

More information on Each Vagabond by Name and where to purchase.img_5190


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