Reader Series: Bruce Lemmert Reads The Not Yet

“What are you, one of them, a Bonesnake?” she asked from the stage.
I was about to say, “I am Malcolm, a Not-Yet, one day I’ll–“
But just at that moment, another fate rose up and sang to me.

Set in the year 2121 in the Islands of New Orleans, The Not Yet by Moira Crone follows Malcolm de Lazarus, a “Not -Yet,” who has worked his whole life to become an “Heir.” The book follows Malcolm as he searches for his missing fortune, which would allow him to move up in the social hierarchy of the world that Crone has created.


Bruce Lemmert, a film and english student, stated: “I really enjoy how this book takes a familiar place like New Orleans and just flips it upside down.” Indeed, many New Orleanians will feel connected to this book as they recognize local names and cities in an entirely new structure.


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The Story of Dan Bright Book Giveaway

Giveaway: The Story of Dan Bright.


Hey everyone! We are giving away ten (10) copies of The Story of Dan Bright on Goodreads. You can enter the giveaway by visiting the Goodreads page via the link above and scrolling down until you see the section for the giveaway.

Everybody knows New Orleans, but nobody knows this New Orleans.

The Story of Dan Bright is a tale of crime, corruption and injustice in the Crescent City. Enter for a chance to win 10 signed author copies of The Story of Dan Bright.

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Who Said It: Donald Trump or King Leopold?


Who Said It: Donald Trump or King Leopold?

We all know by now that Donald Trump says some pretty crazy stuff. With the election coming up extremely quickly, we’d like to play a game of Who Said It. We’ll give you a quote, and its your job to decide if it was stated by  Donald Trump or King Leopold. Click the name you think is correct to reveal a link to the answer.

Seems easy, right? Just wait.

Round One:

“I’ve done this very nicely. If I wanted to use thugs, we wouldn’t have any problems. It would have been all taken care of many years ago. I don’t do business that way. We have been so nice to this woman.”

— Is this Donald Trump, talking about using public use to acquire a woman’s home to be turned into a limousine waiting lot, or King Leopold II of Belgium, talking about his agents forcing a widowed Congolese woman to work for free to pay off her debts to the Belgian government?

Round Two:

“Beauty and elegance, whether in a woman, a building, or a work of art, is not just something pretty to see.”

— Who said it: Donald Trump or King Leopold II of Belgium?

Round Three:

“I’ve had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion.”

— Who said it: Donald Trump, or King Leopold II of Belgium?

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Reader Series: Kayla Fletcher reads Each Vagabond By Name

“It was an extraordinary fall until the gypsies came…”

It’s fall in New Orleans and even though the leaves aren’t turning and the temperature hasn’t dropped below eighty degrees, we’re thinking about Margo Littell’s Each Vagabond By Name. Set in a rural Pennsylvania mining town, Littell’s debut novel inhabits the spirit of fall: things are changing–and the townspeople are not sure it’s for the best.


Kayla, an English and Film student, said, “this book is beautiful in many ways, and I’m finding myself relating to it more than I thought I would.” When asked what her favorite quote would be, Kayla took some time to carefully pick. Finally, she landed on this gem from page 99:

“She had a good reason to think the universe was against her without knowing anything of the universe at all.”

“Margo Orlando Littel packs Each Vagabond By Name with many passages, like this one, that really jump out at you and make you feel something,” Kayla states. “This book is definitely a book you’ll want to pick up and enjoy.”

More information on Each Vagabond by Name and where to purchase.img_5190